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Writing and media training services for businesses,
nonprofits and government agencies

Writing, Speaking and Presentation Training

  • One-on-one or in writing seminars and presentation skills seminars.
  • At your site.
  • Realistic writing training and presentation skills training (not lectures) keyed to effective communications at your business, agency or non-profit.
  • Peer review that allows participants to discuss problems and help each other as they engage in realistic business communication training.

Writing or speaking, learn to:

  • Appreciate the readers or audience and their needs.
  • Use precise, active English and dismiss ponderous, jargon-laded prose.
  • Equate clarity with brevity. Length does not impress. It alienates.
  • Adopt a process that takes the headaches out of organization.

As a writer, learn to:

  • Edit yourself (and others). It's called quality control.
  • Write emails that make you look efficient and professional.

Written Communication

As a speaker or presenter, learn to:

  • Speak directly to your audience, engaging their attention eye-to-eye in a compelling, yet friendly voice -- without leaning on the distracting technological crutch of Power Point.
  • Gesture meaningfully, be yourself, and get rid of those deadly "uhs."
  • Make your points succinctly and invite your listeners to ask questions for REAL audience connection.

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