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Writing and media training services for businesses,
nonprofits and government agencies


This is where effective communication skills as taught by Dave Griffiths -- whether writing training, media relations training, presentation skills training or business communication in general -- come into play. The people listed below approached Dave because they needed results for their company. They needed someone who could help them define and reach out to their audience in jargon-free English with an emphasis on thoughtful organization and precise editing. They needed someone who could teach not by lecturing, but by practical and relevant writing training and speaking skills exercises as well as media relations training keyed to on-camera role-playing and the real world of journalism that Dave has inhabited for 35 years.

Media Training"Dave Griffiths is an experienced media trainer who has a great style. He engages clients, listens to them talk, follows their patterns of thought and actions, and offers sage advice that is customized to their individual needs. I have trusted him with my very best clients, which is something I wouldn't do with just anyone. That's because Dave is smart. Actually, he's very smart. He does the role playing aspect of media training seamlessly, asking tough questions, drawing answers out from the clients, then critiquing in a constructive way. I will entrust more of my clients to Dave's careful tutelage. I look forward to working with him in the future."

-- Nancy Marshall, Marshall Communications

"Our company...identified that written communication carries a lot of critical information that significantly affects our probability of success with clients. Dave Griffiths helped us analyze our needs and crafted a custom educational program to improve our technical writing skills and standardize our format. All of our 'students' were very satisfied and the company has seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of our proposals. "

-- Dan Thayer, P.E.
President and CEO
Thayer Corporation (HVAC)
Auburn, Maine

Effective communication"Dave's approach to written communication is succinct, to the point and treats the reader with respect. His approach to 'understanding your audience' allows the writer to focus on what is necessary and avoid flowery, excessive technical and unnecessary editorial comment. I consider Dave's contribution to our training pivotal in helping our students 'pull it all together' and 'get it on paper.'"

-- Patrick Hill
Training Director
Insurer's Loss Control Institute
Yarmouth, Maine