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Writing and media training services for businesses,
nonprofits and government agencies

Media Relations Training

Media Relations TrainingFar too many people get nervous about news media enounters and lose sight of the fact that every time a reporter approaches them, they have an opportunity to strengthen their brand and sharpen their message. Dave Griffiths can help you distill that message by putting you -- individually or as a group -- through a series of realistic media relations training exercises keyed to what you do and your audience. Dave can draw on more than three decades as a reporter, editor and writing trainer to help you understand what makes the press tick and how you can engage in more effective communications. He will help you:

  • Learn to connect with the news media via press release writing and outreach events.
  • Prepare for interviews in which you establish control, display your speaking skills and state your case unequivocally.
  • Understand a reporter's definition of "news" and how you can benefit from it.
  • Appreciate the different needs of the print and electronic media.
  • Be quotable.
  • Learn how to present yourself in front of the camera.
  • Deal with overly aggressive and/or sloppy reporters who have little regard for professional behavior.
  • Prepare for crisis communications that take account of all your "shareholders" -- employees, stockholders, the community, your competition, your vendors, taxpayers, politicians -- and not just the reporter with the notebook or camera.